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We are a

heart driven team

backed by science and guided by a vision to create better wellbeing, better companies for a better world.

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Our mission

Reconnect people to themselves, others and nature to support an everyday wellness lifestyle.

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Our Philosophy
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For the past 10 years, the GreenX7 team have been exploring what it means to be healthy, happy and well. We realised that there have been certain values which have set the foundation for our framework and programs. These are lived values that have come from learnt experience. They are the heart, the true north of how we guide ourselves as individuals and as a company that cares. It's what underpins our philosophy of reconnecting to self, others and nature for everyday wellness. It's what drives us to want to improve the wellbeing of those that choose to care.


Creating the time and space to foster value, meaning and belonging through positive human connection.

Head & heart

Delivering best practice evidence-based programs whilst listening to our intuition.


Making a deliberate effort to look after your mental, emotional and physical health to become the best version of yourself.


Adopting a lifestyle that allows you to find balance and thrive sustainably


Living a life true to your expectations and not from what others want of you.

Live within your means

Build a life that supports you and not one that you have to support.

Who we are

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Tim Jack Adams


Tim is a thought leader and speaker in the Wellness Industry and has created an overarching framework for wellbeing that enables leaders, teams and organisations to thrive sustainably. Tim has worked with the Australian Defence Force, Red Bull, Olympians and many of Australia’s top companies. Tim is a sought-after keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and expert advisor on wellness for corporations in the Asia Pacific region.

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Emma Krause


Wellness academic, speaker and educator, Emma is a leading facilitator drawing on behavioural and neuroscientific research to create rich experiences of positive psychophysiological change. She has worked with professional across multiple sectors from health, hospitality, education, property, finance and tourism. An authentic, warm and inspiring voice in wellness and consultant for companies in the Asia Pacific region, Emma's mission is to bring effective wellness to the forefront and evoke individual potential and guide organisational success.

Board of Advisors

Professor John Fraser

Professor John Fraser


Dr Eric Brymerr

Dr Eric Brymerr

Behavioural Scientist at Southern Cross University

Cinnamon Pollard

Cinnamon Pollard

Strengthening Business Digital Advisor

Janelle van de Velde

Janelle van de Velde

Executive Officer, C-suite Corporate Services Leader GAICD, FGIA, FABC

Mark Olsen

Mark Olsen

Chief Executive Officer at Tourism Tropical North Queensland

Josie Thomson

Josie Thomson

MCC STEVIE® Awards ‘Maverick of the Year’ | Transformational Leadership Coach | Mindfulness & Resilience Speaker | AuthoR

Why GreenX7 is needed?

A small insight into the astounding scientific research which shows why GreenX7 is so important in our current climate.

Australia’s suicide rate is the highest it has been for at least ten years.

In 2015, 3,027 people ended their own lives in Australia. That is 12.6 people in every 100,000. More than eight people every single day or one person every three hours.

(Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics 2015,0 – Causes of Death, Australia, 2015)

1 in 3 older people are affected by loneliness.

Barker, D. (2012). All the lonely people: Loneliness in Australia. 2001-2009

The average Australian child spends less time outdoors then a maximum-security prisoner.

National Survey RUOK, 2016

Loneliness has the equivalent risk as consuming 15 cigarettes per day and it is twice as harmful as obesity.

Bolton, M. (2012). Loneliness-The State We’re In. London: Campaign to End Loneliness.

Adults spend less than 20 minutes per day outdoors.

Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2006a, 2006b

Australians spend an average of 46 hours of their weekly downtime looking at their TVs and digital devices, compared to an average of six hours engaging with family and friends.

National Survey RUOK, 2016

At 4–5 years old, children average more than two hours screen time per week-day. By 12-13 years old, children spend on average up to 30% of their daily waking time on screens.

Longitudinal Study of Australian Children 2015 Annual Statistical Report, Australian children’s screen time and participation in extracurricular activities

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